Wolf Re-entry Conflict in the Methow Valley

Wolves are returning to Washington for the first time in 100 years. In the heart of the Methow Valley, ranchers are concerned about an increasing wolf population and thus, the safety of their cattle. Conservation Northwest, an environmental group based out of Seattle and Bellingham, WA, believes that by the year 2021, up to 400 to 500 wolves could populate the state of Washington, but only if the public prioritizes their safety. Currently, if a wolf pack kills more than four cows in a site where wolves are not listed as federally endangered, the ranchers are free to protect their cattle by killing the offending wolves. No wolves have been harmed in the Methow, as they are listed as endangered in the region, but tensions are on the rise. Recently, the Profanity wolf pack killed six cows, leading ranch owners to struggle with the fact that these wolves are actively being protected by people like Jay Kehne, Conservation Associate for Conservation Northwest. Jay works to inspire ranchers that wolf conservation, herd safety, and economic stability can coexist. A man of deep passion and knowledge, Jay loves the wolves he is working to protect but must face opposition regularly from those who view wolves as singularly dangerous and disruptive. Wolves will only be returning to Washington if people like Jay continue to inspire dialogues of wolf conservation and the benefits of reentry.